Superior Basics



Maintenance & Inspection: Fire Code requires that maintenance must be performed on all extinguishers. The extent of the maintenance varies from year to year. Let us ensure fire code compliance by maintaining and inspecting the fire extinguishers in your building.

Recharge: We hope you never have to use them, but if you do, it's because you were prepared! Once you have discharged an extinguisher, let us replace it right away. In most cases, we offer same day service.

Installation: Whether you need to relocate your current extinguishers or hang up new ones, we sell and install high quality extinguishers.

Replacement: We carry an inventory of high quality extinguishers, and in most cases offer same day service.

Exit and Emergency Lighting

Inspection: Under optimal conditions, the battery in your emergency and exit lights should have a long live. However, unforseen circumstances can drastically reduce the battery life. This is why inspections are so vital to ensure proper operating condition. While the fire code states that your emergency exit lighting must be inspected yearly, we can provide you with additional peace of mind by inspecting your equipment monthly.

Repair: In the event your emergency and exit lighting are not in proper working order, we can assist in the repair of your equipment by troubleshooting what needs to be replaced. A common misconception is that a business owner can replace the components of their equipment by purchasing the needed items at their local hardware store. In most cases, these replacement batteries and light bulbs are not ideal as replacement parts. By allowing Superior Fire Services to replace these components, you can be assured that these life-saving devices are in working order when you need them the most.

Replacement: In need of new or upgraded exit and emergency lights? We have light fixtures in stock to help ensure that you won't be caught in the dark!

Fire Alarm Systems

These systems must be inspected, tested, and maintained regularly to comply with the codes and regulations of your local and/or state jurisdiction. These codes ensure life and property are protected in the event of a fire. We can ensure that the following components are properly functioning:

  • Manual pull stations
  • Notification appliances, including horns and strobes
  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Annunciator panels
  • Tamper devices
  • Main alarm pull
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Asociated communications equipment

Certified Fire Inspection

Make sure your business receives an A+ code compliance report! Be prepared during your business' next inspection from your City/Township fire inspector. Let us pre-certify your business to help ensure that you are up to standard with the State Fire Code. This simple proactive measure means that you won't have the time and hassle involved with receiving code violation citations or repeated visits from the fire inspector.

Employee/Staff Education

Your business can have the very best and latest in fire protection equipment (extinguishers, exit lighting), but your staff needs to know how to use that equipment. The panic that can follow the breakout of a fire is not the time for anyone to learn how to use an extinguisher!

Our highly experienced and certified personnel can train your staff in a short time. This training includes both written and oral presentations, as well as the hands-on, real world experience of putting out an actual fire.

Superior Plus Package

Take advantage of all the services we have to offer! One flat rate means that your business has

  • Ohio Fire Code-compliant extinguishers
  • Fully functioning emergency and exit lighting
  • Pre-certified floor to ceiling fire inspection
  • Extinguisher training and education

We also refill CO2 tanks for beer tap systems!

To learn more and to take advantage of all we can offer your business, contact us today!